My Pectus Love


photo courtesy of my father-in-law, Nicasio Orcullo

Today is Good Friday. As with the rest of the Catholic congregation, I, along with Ryan, my husband, remember how 2000 – something years ago, an ordinary man from Nazareth did something extraordinary for me to be able to cherish today.

Speaking of pain, let me share with you an event which forever reshaped our lives. Without pain, without sacrifice, successes wouldn’t mean anything. And without prayer and a strong-will, healing wouldn’t be possible at all. Continue reading


A Letter To Those Who Didn’t Make It In The CPA Board Exam

It’s been three months after the results of the CPA Board exam last October went out, and after not seeing your name on the roll of successful examinees, you felt like the world crumbled beneath your feet. You felt like sh**, and even after a week or so, you still do. Continue reading